RPH Objective Zoology (R-1213)

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This comprehensive book is useful for An Examinee-Friendly Approach for Medical and all Entrance Examinations. Study Material in Each Segment. Large Number of Multiple Choice Questions with Answers


Unit-I : Classification of Animal Kingdom; Unit-2 : Phylum-Protozoa; Unit-3 : Phylum-Porifera; Unit-4 : Phylum-Coelenterata; Unit-5 : Phylum-Plathelminthes (The Flat Worms); Unit-6 : Phylum-Aschelminthes; Unit-7 : Phylum-Annelida; Unit-8 : Phylum-Arthropoda; Unit-9 : Phylum-Mollusca; Unit-10 : Phylum-Echinodermata; Unit-11 : Phylum-Pisces (The Fishes); Unit-12 : Phylum-Amphibia; Unit-13 : Phylum-Reptilia; Unit-14 : Phylum-Aves (Birds); Unit-15 : Phylum-Mammalia; Unit-16 : Histology; Unit-17 : Digestive System; Unit-18 : Metabolism; Unit-19 : Respiratory System; Unit-20 : Circulatory System; Unit-21 : Excretory System; Unit-22 : Nervous System; Unit-23 : Nervous System—Sense Organs; Unit-24 : Skin Anatomy And Physiology; Unit-25 : Anatomy and Physiology of Skeletal System; Unit-26 : Endocrine System; Unit-27 : Reproductive System

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